Sunday, April 12, 2009

12th of April - Opposite parties organise a common mitting

(UPDATE 13:55) The peaceful metting is over. The 10 000 participants leave PMAN. UNIMEDIA finishes here live comment. Will come back soon with videos.

(UPDATE 13:50) Corina Fusu, vicepresident of Liberal Party, reads the final Resolution of the metting. They convinct police actions from last days and the Communist Goverment for manipulating public opinion by denigration opposition. Liberal Party, Liberal Democratic Partu and "Moldova Noastra" Alliance request release of all arrested people, stop the persecution, follow and expulsion of journalist, guarantee access of opposition to public media, and President Voronin should say sorry to parents and teachers he have insulted. The participants at the metting voted Rezolution.

(UPDATE 13:43) These was a small incident. A woman with an icon, came on the scena and started to cry. Organisators calm down the women. She left the scene.

(UPDATE 13:40) Andrei Popov, Foreign Policy Association: „These days, when I came home and watch the news at TV, i felt like somebody tries to lie me. I'm sure that officers from national army will not stay insensible because in front of the crowd on 7th of April, was bringen students from Police Academy. They do not have the necessary skills. Where have been the professional police-men? We will clarify these things"

(UPDATE 13:27) At this moment in PMAN are about 10 000 participants at the metting.

(UPDATE 13:14) Ion Hadarca, leader of Popular Movement at the end of 80's for obtaining our Liberty: "We have three leaders - Vlad, Dorin and Serafim". The crowd aplauded.

(UPDATE 13:10) Police have forbiden ProTV car to enter on main square. The car was redirected on Puskin street, lateral to Main Square.

(UPDATE 13:05) Igor Boţan, director of ADEPT NGO: „At 7th of April, president Voronin was taking care more of the imagine of Communist Party then the protection of Parliament and Presidency.”

(UPDATE 12:56) Dorin Chirtoacă, vicepresident of Liberal Party, stimulated the crowd to hold 1 minute of meditation for Valeriu Boboc, the young men of 23 years old that died after the police have beaten him. "Young people from Moldova are full of communism. They would like an european future. The international community is already informed about the crimes communist these days have done."

(UPDATE 12:36) Serafim Urechean, president of "Moldova Noastra" Alliance: „We have proofs that secret services were involved in organising the protests from 7th of April. We'll request the court-judge of the supreme commander of the army - Vladimir Voronin. I have the impression that Voronin had a meetting at "Doina" cemetery before ellections, because a lot of dead people voted on 5th of April."
UNIMEDIA mentions that "Doina" cemetery is the largest from Europe, and it is located in Chisinau.

(UPDATE 12:32) Vlad Filat, president of Liberal Democrat Party: „It's nor sufficient if will cry "Down for Communist". We analyse ellections lists and we'll presents proofs of violations from communist side. I was in front-rows on 7th of April, trying to stop participants throwing with stones. I saw there instigators, which instigated participants to vandalism actions.”

(UPDATE 12:26) Mihai Cimpoi, #2 on ellection list of "Moldova Noastra" Alliance, Writters Union president: „We, writters from Moldava, had sent a call to international community, in which we proved the fake of ellections from communist side.”

(UPDATE 12:09) Alexandru Tanase, prim-vicepresident of Liberal Democrat Party: „Communist burned Parliament and Presidency the way Hitler did the same thing with Bundestag, then accusing opposition. Instigators were guided by moldovian secret services. We want acces to police sections and penitentiaries, prisons to verify what is really happening there.”

(UPDATE 12:07) Corina Fusu, vicepresident of Liberal Party: „Unfortunatly, even foreign observators were blind on communist violations at the ellections. We have to presents proofs of the fake ellections to convince international community.”

(UPDATE 11:51) We added some photos from the event. Everything is peacefull.

(UPDATE 11:49) Corina Fusu, vicepresident of Liberal Party: „The governing party is managed by a ditactor. He beated our children. Communist Party wants to keep us in poverty. These days, we verify ellections lists. We already found many violations.”

(UPDATE 11:43) On the scene came 3 leaders of opposition parties - Mihai Ghimpul (Liberal Party president), Vlad Filat (Liberal Democrat Party president) and Serafim Urechean ("Moldova Noastra" Alliance president). They were applauded by the participants at the metting.

(UPDATE 11:41) The back of the Goverment Building are 5 firemen trucks and about 300-400 police-men in busses from regions - Orhei, Causeni...

(UPDATE 11:35) Organisators declared that police from the regions have intimidated bus owners, if they will transport participants at the protest in Chisinau, the busses will be confiscated.

(UPDATE 11:26) At this moment in PMAN there are about 4000 partipants at the protests. In speakers plays music of the couple Doina and Ion Teodorovici (famous singers died in an accident at the begging of 90's). Participants are on both sides of Stefan cel Mare blv, transportation is at the normal level.

(UPDATE 11:19) Organisators - opposition parties - declared that some buses with protesters from regions was stopped in their way to Chisinau (Causeni, Ialoveni, Stefan-Voda), also the entrece in Chisinau is blocked for buses with protesters.

(UPDATE 11:15) Between participants at the protest and Goverment Building are only two police-men. In the back of the Goverment - hundreds.

(UPDATE 11:12) At this moment in PMAN there are about 2000 participants at the metting. About 50 persons have white mufflers, which represents the organisers. They will take care of the pacifist organisation of the event.

(UPDATE 10:02) The first victim of police violences is already known - Valeriu Boboc. An young man (23 years old) died after he was beaten by police, declared familly of the victim.

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