Sunday, April 12, 2009

12th of April - Opposite parties organise a common mitting

(UPDATE 13:55) The peaceful metting is over. The 10 000 participants leave PMAN. UNIMEDIA finishes here live comment. Will come back soon with videos.

(UPDATE 13:50) Corina Fusu, vicepresident of Liberal Party, reads the final Resolution of the metting. They convinct police actions from last days and the Communist Goverment for manipulating public opinion by denigration opposition. Liberal Party, Liberal Democratic Partu and "Moldova Noastra" Alliance request release of all arrested people, stop the persecution, follow and expulsion of journalist, guarantee access of opposition to public media, and President Voronin should say sorry to parents and teachers he have insulted. The participants at the metting voted Rezolution.

(UPDATE 13:43) These was a small incident. A woman with an icon, came on the scena and started to cry. Organisators calm down the women. She left the scene.

(UPDATE 13:40) Andrei Popov, Foreign Policy Association: „These days, when I came home and watch the news at TV, i felt like somebody tries to lie me. I'm sure that officers from national army will not stay insensible because in front of the crowd on 7th of April, was bringen students from Police Academy. They do not have the necessary skills. Where have been the professional police-men? We will clarify these things"

(UPDATE 13:27) At this moment in PMAN are about 10 000 participants at the metting.

(UPDATE 13:14) Ion Hadarca, leader of Popular Movement at the end of 80's for obtaining our Liberty: "We have three leaders - Vlad, Dorin and Serafim". The crowd aplauded.

(UPDATE 13:10) Police have forbiden ProTV car to enter on main square. The car was redirected on Puskin street, lateral to Main Square.

(UPDATE 13:05) Igor Boţan, director of ADEPT NGO: „At 7th of April, president Voronin was taking care more of the imagine of Communist Party then the protection of Parliament and Presidency.”

(UPDATE 12:56) Dorin Chirtoacă, vicepresident of Liberal Party, stimulated the crowd to hold 1 minute of meditation for Valeriu Boboc, the young men of 23 years old that died after the police have beaten him. "Young people from Moldova are full of communism. They would like an european future. The international community is already informed about the crimes communist these days have done."

(UPDATE 12:36) Serafim Urechean, president of "Moldova Noastra" Alliance: „We have proofs that secret services were involved in organising the protests from 7th of April. We'll request the court-judge of the supreme commander of the army - Vladimir Voronin. I have the impression that Voronin had a meetting at "Doina" cemetery before ellections, because a lot of dead people voted on 5th of April."
UNIMEDIA mentions that "Doina" cemetery is the largest from Europe, and it is located in Chisinau.

(UPDATE 12:32) Vlad Filat, president of Liberal Democrat Party: „It's nor sufficient if will cry "Down for Communist". We analyse ellections lists and we'll presents proofs of violations from communist side. I was in front-rows on 7th of April, trying to stop participants throwing with stones. I saw there instigators, which instigated participants to vandalism actions.”

(UPDATE 12:26) Mihai Cimpoi, #2 on ellection list of "Moldova Noastra" Alliance, Writters Union president: „We, writters from Moldava, had sent a call to international community, in which we proved the fake of ellections from communist side.”

(UPDATE 12:09) Alexandru Tanase, prim-vicepresident of Liberal Democrat Party: „Communist burned Parliament and Presidency the way Hitler did the same thing with Bundestag, then accusing opposition. Instigators were guided by moldovian secret services. We want acces to police sections and penitentiaries, prisons to verify what is really happening there.”

(UPDATE 12:07) Corina Fusu, vicepresident of Liberal Party: „Unfortunatly, even foreign observators were blind on communist violations at the ellections. We have to presents proofs of the fake ellections to convince international community.”

(UPDATE 11:51) We added some photos from the event. Everything is peacefull.

(UPDATE 11:49) Corina Fusu, vicepresident of Liberal Party: „The governing party is managed by a ditactor. He beated our children. Communist Party wants to keep us in poverty. These days, we verify ellections lists. We already found many violations.”

(UPDATE 11:43) On the scene came 3 leaders of opposition parties - Mihai Ghimpul (Liberal Party president), Vlad Filat (Liberal Democrat Party president) and Serafim Urechean ("Moldova Noastra" Alliance president). They were applauded by the participants at the metting.

(UPDATE 11:41) The back of the Goverment Building are 5 firemen trucks and about 300-400 police-men in busses from regions - Orhei, Causeni...

(UPDATE 11:35) Organisators declared that police from the regions have intimidated bus owners, if they will transport participants at the protest in Chisinau, the busses will be confiscated.

(UPDATE 11:26) At this moment in PMAN there are about 4000 partipants at the protests. In speakers plays music of the couple Doina and Ion Teodorovici (famous singers died in an accident at the begging of 90's). Participants are on both sides of Stefan cel Mare blv, transportation is at the normal level.

(UPDATE 11:19) Organisators - opposition parties - declared that some buses with protesters from regions was stopped in their way to Chisinau (Causeni, Ialoveni, Stefan-Voda), also the entrece in Chisinau is blocked for buses with protesters.

(UPDATE 11:15) Between participants at the protest and Goverment Building are only two police-men. In the back of the Goverment - hundreds.

(UPDATE 11:12) At this moment in PMAN there are about 2000 participants at the metting. About 50 persons have white mufflers, which represents the organisers. They will take care of the pacifist organisation of the event.

(UPDATE 10:02) The first victim of police violences is already known - Valeriu Boboc. An young man (23 years old) died after he was beaten by police, declared familly of the victim.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Big protestes in Chisinau, the capital of Republic of Moldova

(UPDATE 19:25, April 10, local time)
Română: Publicaţia Jurnal de Chişinău şi postul online Jurnal TV solicită Ambasadei SUA la Chişinău să ofere azil politic pentru toată redacţia, reieşind din faptul că reporterii publicaţiei sunt terorizaţi în aceste zile de către organelle de forţă.
English: Jurnal de Chisinau newspaper and JurnalTV asked the US embassy in Chisinau to offer political asylum for all the editing team, because of the fact that the reporters are being terrorized these days by the force organs.

(UPDATE 19:21, April 10, local time)
Romanian: După ce presa a scris că guvernarea comunistă ar fi co-participat la devastarea sediului Parlamentului şi a Preşedinţiei, publicând o imagine cum tinerii de pe aceste edificii erau asistaţi de către poliţişti, astăzi, 10 aprilie, paza prezidenţială a explicat jurnaliştilor: “Poliţistul care apare într-o fotografie pe acoperişul Preşedinţiei se afla acolo pentru că a fost rugat de vandali să urce”. Cât despre faptul că un poliţist a fost filmat cum distrugea un gard de beton în ziua protestului, care se presupune că ar fi pregătit pietre pentru protestatarii, care au aruncat în Preşedinţie, explicaţia a fost că “poliţiştii nu puteau scoate din curte o maşină”. De unde se luase acea maşină în curte şi de ce nu putea fi scoasă pe poarta care era chiar lături, reprezentanţii Preşedinţiei nu au explicat, precizează
English: After the press has written that the communist government has co-participated at vandalism acts from presidency and parliament, publishing an image with youth supported by policemen, today, April 10, the presidential security explained to the journalists: "The policeman that appears in the photo on the roof of the presidency was there because he was asked to get up by the people". As about the fact that a policeman was filmed while destroying a yard for giving stones to the protestants, the explanation was: "the police could not get a car out of the yard". Where was that car from and why couldn't the car be taken out from the yard although near there was a gate, the presidential security didn't respond.

(UPDATE 18:35, April 10, local time)
English: On Thursday morning, 8 A.M., police came to different lyceum from Chisinau and started looking who missed classes on Tuesday, when the presidency and parliament buildings were vandalized. The visit lyceums are: Ion Creangă, Gh. Asachi, Mihai Eminescu, L. Blaga, N. Iorga. The directors of the institutions are affraid not to lose their jobs.
Română: Joi dimineaţă în jurul orelor 8, poliţia a vizitat mai multe licee din capitală printre care Ion Creangă, Gh. Asachi, Mihai Eminescu, L. Blaga, N. Iorga. Aceştia au căutat liceenii care au lipsit de la ore în ziua de marţi, atunci când au avut loc violenţele de la parlament şi preşedinţie. Directorii liceelor sunt înfricoşaţi de teama că-şi vor pierde serviciul.

(UPDATE 18:22, April 10, local time)
Română: M-au bătut cât au putut. Am fost lovit peste tot corpul.” Aşa a comentat pentru UNIMEDIA unul dintre tinerii arestaţi de către poliţie în noaptea zilei de 7 aprilie. Tânărul povesteşte cum a fost bătut şi maltratat de către forţele de ordine, inclusiv că i-au fost luate actele, banii şi telefonul mobil.
English: "They've hit me as they could. I was hit all over the body". That's how a young man commented for UNIMEDIA how he was agressed and arrested by police during the night of April 7. The young man tells how he was beaten by the order forces, saying that they've took documents, money and the mobile phone.

(UPDATE 18:11, April 10, local time)
Romanian: Lina Grâu, corespondentul agenţiei româneşti NewsIn la Chişinău, pleacă din Republica Moldova, pentru a nu fi arestată de către forţele de ordine. „Am primit mai multe semnale şi am decis că e mai bine pentru mine şi pentru integritatea copiilor mei să plec acum în România”, a declarat Lina Grâu pentru UNIMEDIA.
English: Lina Grâu, news correspondent of NewsIN Romania in Chişinău is leaving Moldova, because of not being arrested by police. "I've received a few signs and I decided it's better for me and integrity of my children to leave now in Romania", declared Lina for UNIMEDIA.

(UPDATE 16:40, April 10, local time)
Romanian: Persoanele care au semnalat acţiune fraudare a alegerilor sunt rugate să contacteze:
Partidul Liberal Democrat (PLDM) - 81-51-64 (sau - D.R.)
Alianţa “Moldova Noastră” (AMN) - 54-57 22
Partidul Liberal (PL) - 24-35-69
English: People that have proves about election frauds are asked to contact the next parties:
Partidul Liberal Democrat (PLDM) - 81-51-64 (sau - D.R.)
Alianţa “Moldova Noastră” (AMN) - 54-57 22
Partidul Liberal (PL) - 24-35-69

(UPDATE 16:38, April 10, local time)
Romanian: Reporterul TVR în Moldova, Doru Dendiu, a fost eliberat, transmite Antena3.
English: Romanian reporter, Doru Dendiu, from TVR was realeased, says Antena3.

(UPDATE 16:36, April 10, local time)
Romanian: Preşedintele Vladimir Voronin a cerut Curţii Constituţionale să ordone renumărarea voturilor la alegerile legislative, argumentând că acesta va fi un argument că alegerile au fost corecte. Opoziţia a susţinut anterior că fraudarea alegerilor a avut loc nu doar la numărarea voturilor, dar şi prin votarea masivă a persoanelor decedate, votarea de mai multe ori a aceloraşi persoane la diferite secţii de votare şi votarea la domiciul din Moldova a persoanelor de peste hotare.
English: President Vladimir Voronin asked the Constitutional Court of Moldova to command renumbering the votes for the legislative elections, saying that this is going to be an argument that the elections were correct. The opposition sustained that elections were faked not at the votes numbering, but because of the dead people vote and the votes of people that have permanent residence in other countries, but voted also in Moldova.

(UPDATE 16:23, April 10, local time)
Romanian: În acest moment, în jur de 800 de manifestanţi s-au adunat în PMAN. Tinerii au adus cu ei flori, pentru a sublinia caracterul paşnic al acţiunii prin care îşi demonstrează dezacordul faţă de rezultatele alegerilor din 5 aprilie, precum şi faţă de intimidările autorităţilor la adresa tinerilor protestatari.
English: At this moment, about 800 manifestants gathered in the central square of Chisinau. The young people brought with them flowers for accentuating the peaceful character of the action, where they demonstrate disagreement towards the results of the elections from April 5th and the intimidation towards the young protestants.

(UPDATE 15:55, April 10, local time) The young man that hoisted foreign flags on the presidency is the same that hoisted the flag on the parliament. See the videos below from JurnalTV.

(UPDATE 15:35, April 10, local time) People working at UNIMEDIA are being intimidated now through SMS messages saying that police and secret services are on their way of making arrests at UNIMEDIA's office.

(UPDATE 15:30, April 10, local time) A young man, 23 years, who was arrested on April 7, was cruel beaten by police, after he participated at the manifestation as a translator for a group of swedish journalists. This way, the policemen were very interested to find out what is his connection with the swedish people.

(UPDATE 14:17, April 10, local time) The Editor-in-chief at Jurnal de Chisinau newspaper was released. She was arrested because "circulating near the government for extracting info which could be used to hit the government", says

(UPDATE 13:17, April 10, local time) The main leaders of non-guvernamental organisations from Moldova made statement 30 minutes ago at a press-conference, in which the declare that the protest on 7th April was pacifist and only an active group of instigators incited the crowd to vandalism. In this case, the transfer of the responsability of the violence to opposite parties is not rightful. NGO leaders ask President Voronin to stop violence to participants at the protest and opposition.
The low declarations Voronin made was a catalysis for people to participate at protest, also is it mentionated the declaration of NGO's leaders.

(UPDATE 13:07, April 10, local time) Just a few moments ago, Rodica Mahu, editor-in-chief at Jurnal de Chisinau newspaper, was kidnapped in the back of Goverment Building. A group of 4 persons in civil uniform took her with a white car in undefied direction.

(UPDATE 11:25, April 10, local time) Russian Federation has offered special equipment to Moldova for fighting against the protests from Chisinau. The news belongs to the Russian publication Kommersant.

(UPDATE 11:18, April 10, local time) Journalists teams from Romania (Realitatea TV, Antena 3), which broadcasted live the events from PMAN, were arrested and expulsed from Moldova.

(UPDATE 11:17, April 10, local time) This morning, all buses to Chisinau were stopped and verified if there was young people eager to participate at the protest.
One bus with the route Oradea (Romania) - Chisinau was stopped and 10 students was arrested. "I was coming home, related to Easter holidays. The police declare that they will allow us to go home, only if parents will come with passports to take us" declared Catalina Tomsa for UNIMEDIA, one of the arrested persons.

(UPDATE 11:12, April 10, local time) Although 2 days before on internet was transmitted that today will be organized a big protest, yesterday there was a message transmitted among internet that between protesters will be instigators. They will start the fights and the police will have the argument to use weapons.

(UPDATE 10:57, April 10, local time) At this moment, in PMAN, there are about 10 protestars, but in the back of the Goverment - hundreds of police-men, equiped for fighting.
At a distance of 10 minutes from the center of Chisinau are 10 military trucks.

(UPDATE 00:47, April 10, local time) It seems like a lot of websites are already blocked in Moldova by Moldtelecom internet provider, such as:,,,, (news sites),,, (social networks).

(UPDATE 22:13, April 9, local time) Declaration of media NGOs from Moldova on the situation of the press, violations of the right to access to information and attacks on journalists.

(UPDATE 22:04, April 9, local time) There are 3 questions about the below video: Why and who have organised the free way/path to Presidency for the boy? Was he a leader? What was making police-man next to him, when he put the EU flag on Parliament building?

Who is the person from this image?


(UPDATE 19:30, April 9, local time) The social democrats from the german Budestag criticized today the Moldovan regime and president Vladimir Voronin, saying that he is responsible for the situation from Moldova. See here the full text declaration.

(UPDATE 17:55, April 9, local time) We have added 2 photos with possible instigators. Most likely these youngsters do not use internet, and have grown in colony.

(UPDATE 15:40, April 9, local time) Yesterday, there was infiltrated in insigators between participants at the protest. Take a look at the video below.

(UPDATE 15:26, April 9, local time) Tomorrow, when it is planned the next big protest, electricity will be cutted in unusual many streets and localities from Moldova. Also, it is surprising that the price of inter-urban bus tickets have rised today.

(UPDATE 14:00, April 9, local time) At the moment the offices of Stati Holding were verified by police.

(UPDATE 13:57, April 9, local time) Police was preparing the stones for the people that destroyed the presidency and parliament.

(UPDATE 12:57, April 9, local time) We have added the full english translation of the declaration transmited yesterday by hands through participants at the meeting.

(UPDATE 12:35, April 9, local time) Today, in Odessa (Ukraine), Gabriel Stati, one of the most important business-man from Moldova was arested. Athourities, suspect him for organising protest.

(UPDATE 12:33, April 9, local time) About 200 people are right now in PMAN.

(UPDATE 12:30, April 9, local time) At 11 am - 12 am, at Agricultural University from Chisinau, arrived 2 BMW's. Some undefied persons took from lectures students - participants active in protest and went with them in unknown directions. People who saw the cars said one of it was registered in Moldova (number C CV 361, grey color, BMW serie 5) and one of it registered in Germany (number SL AH 260, green color, BMW serie 7).

(UPDATE 11:54, April 9, local time) Here are some photos from the Parliament building. You can see that on the roof of Parliament there are instigators AND policemen.

(UPDATE 10:16, April 9, local time) Central Ellection Comittee has allowed the opposition parties to verify the voters lists. The opposition has 4 days starting today, Thursday.

(UPDATE 22:16, April 8, local time) Central Ellection Comittee has published final ellections results. Comunist Party has obtained 49,48% of votes. This will assure them 59 or 60 deputies. The president is ellected with 61 deputy votes. Opposite party has the opportunity to block ellecting the new president. If this happens three times, the Parliament will be disolved and organised new ellections.

(UPDATE 22:12, April 8, local time) In PMAN there is a declaration transmited from hands to hands. By this, participants declare that the protests are uncolored (not political). Also, they request a Constitutional judge of the President Vladimir Voronin.

(UPDATE 21:44, April 8, local time) At this time, president Vladimir Voronin holds a speech for 15 minutes at the national television at the main news bulletin of the country. He accuses Romania for trying to organise a "coup d'Etat."
Also today, Vladimir Voronin had a meeting with universities rectors why he criticize them for letting students to participate at the protest (at the end rectors applauded).

(UPDATE 20:04, April 8, local time) Iurie Ciocan, Central Ellection Comittee secretary, has confirmed for UNIMEDIA that they have received the request for acces to electoral lists from Liberal Party, Liberal Democratic Party and Moldova Noastra Alliance. The Comittee WILL offer access to lists to oposite parties.

(UPDATE 19:59, April 8, local time) The flood attack was also confirmed by Info-Prim Neo News Agency website.

(UPDATE 19:57, April 8, local time) Today, was attacked by flood today from IP's which belongs to secret services from Moldova. Take a look at this image: is one of the most visited news site in Moldova, written in romanian language. It is hosted in Moldova. is an english source about protest from Moldova and it is hosted in USA.

(UPDATE 19:50, April 8, local time) After authorities has declared Filip Teodorescu, romanian ambassador, as persona non-grata in Moldova, Mihnea Constantinesc was proposed as new ambassador.

(UPDATE 19:23, April 8, local time) The spirits calm down. Protestants came back to their initial position. Some of the protestants representantive are in negotiations with police.

(UPDATE 19:15, April 8, local time) The airport customs did not permited to a correspondent of Radio Romania Actualitati to enter Moldova at the international airport Chisinau.

(UPDATE 19:12, April 8, local time) It seems like (one of the source for spreading information about protest) was blocked by Moldtelecom, the main internet provider from Moldova where Goverment is the main shareholder.

(UPDATE 19:08, April 8, local time) Today, the Goverment adopted a decision to request visas from romanian citizens trying to enter Moldova. Visa regime will be applied from Thursday, 9 of April.

(UPDATE 19:06, April 8, local time) The arrested protestants was beaten to blood by police and ascended in cars and they went in an unknown direction.

(UPDATE 19:00, April 8, local time) The police started to arrest small groups of participants from sides. Participants at the protest put pressure on police to release them.

(UPDATE 18:53, April 8, local time) The ussual train route between Chisinau and Bucharest was interrupted today for undefinite period, because of "technical" issues.

(UPDATE 18:28, April 8, local time) Emma Nicholson, deputy of European Parliament, said in an interview to BBC related to faking ellections: "The problem was that it was an OSCE report, and in the OSCE are, of course, the Russians, and their view was quite different, quite substantially different, for example from my own". She was an observator at the ellections. Emma Nicholson also quoted: "When we stopped the count [...], at about 1 am, it looks like comunist a going to have 35%, and the opposition parties [...] - 40-45%".

(UPDATE 18:14, April 8, local time) Today, in the back of Goverment was parked cars of secret services, which had 2 different registration numbers, from moldovian and transnistrian authorities.

(UPDATE 17:55, April 8, local time) At this time, in PMAN, the situation became tensionated. One group of protesters, with covered faces, calls for violence and started to throw with PET bottles in policemen. Other protesters do not involve in these provocation actions and try to neutralise first group.

(UPDATE 16:15, April 8, local time) Today the spirits calm down. Right now in PMAN are about 2000 young people. There are no political leader, so the participants try to organise themselves. Community workes are cleaning up Presidency and Parliament building. A lot of people are just walking arround and taking photos of burned Parliament.

(UPDATE 16:11, April 8, local time) We added a new photo-gallery regarding todays protest.

(UPDATE 13:19, April 8, local time) About 200 young people were arrested yesterday night by police.

(UPDATE 12:25, April 8, local time) About 4000 young people are now in the central square of Chisinau, protesting against the fake elections.

(UPDATE 11:35, April 8, local time) The young people from Chisinau lyceums are not allowed to get in the street.

(UPDATE 11:00, April 8, local time) About 1000 young people gathered in the central square of Chisinau. The police took control over the Presidency and Parliament this morning. The border with Romania was closed this morning.

(UPDATE 01:00, local time) UNIMEDIA added the gallery #4 from night protest!

(UPDATE 22:50, local time) Soon, UNIMEDIA will post pictures from the night protest!

(UPDATE 22:45, local time) The firemen took the situation under control.

(UPDATE 22:05, local time) Vladimir Voronin asked for the help of the Occident for establishing order in Moldova. The news belongs to Interfax/Reuters. Voronin met on Tuesday evening with the ambassadors accredited in Chisinau

(UPDATE 21:58, local time)The fire is burning in a few offices from the 1st floor and a few on the above floors. Some chairs are being extracted now outside the House of Parliament.

(UPDATE 21:53, local time) The police is staying in the back of the presidency and does not action. Neither the firemen!

(UPDATE 21:51, local time) Two bureaus from the 5th floor are burning at the moment. It seems like we are talking about the same young provocateurs that are threatening the journalists not to film them.

(UPDATE 21:46, local time) There are still people near the presidency and the parliament. There is a fire burning at one of the floors in the House of Parliament!

(UPDATE 21:41, local time)Vlad Filat, president of Liberal Democrat Party: "The Communists want to put the accent from fake elections to violent actions, because the police, which was in a small number at the protest, could not assure the public order."
Dorin Chirtoacă, vice-president of the Liberal Party says that there were provocateurs among the young people that have thrown first with stones and made that a peaceful action become violence.

(UPDATE 21:00, local time) Right now in PMAN everything is quiet. Tomorrow at 10 a.m., the protest will continue and will probably be monitored by opposing parties.

(UPDATE 20:17, local time) Check out two more photogalleries - Gallery 3, Gallery 2.

(UPDATE 20:14, local time) You can see below the discussion between opposition leader Dorin Chirtoaca, Vlad Filat, Serafim Urechean and president Vladimir Voronin.

(UPDATE 20:09, local time) New Video:

Protestors gathered and reorganized in the PMAN (Piata Marii Adunari Nationale), the main square in front of the Government building.

(UPDATE 20:09, local time) Protestors gathered and reorganized in the PMAN (Piata Marii Adunari Nationale), the main square in front of the Government buildings.

(UPDATE 20:08, local time) EU's High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana declare EU is concerned about the latest events in Chisinau and requests stopping the violence.
Ghenadii Ziuganov, one of political leaders from Russia, declared that secret services from occidental countries were involved in organizing the protest.

(UPDATE 19:50, local time) The President Vladimir Voronin accuses opposition parties of preparing a coup d'Etat. On the other hand, opposition parties, Liberal Party, Liberal Democrat Party, Moldova Noastra Alliance, declare that the protesters have organized themselves through the internet (social networks, twitter, forums) and SMS. Also, at the meeting between Communist and opposition Parties, Marian Lupu, former Parliamentary President, representing the Communist Party has recognized that opposition parties are not involved in organizing the protest.

(UPDATE 19:32, local time) Today, pupils from "Hiperyon" Lyceam from Durlesti (a locality connected to Chisinau) were requested to provide explication letters when they have missed their lessons. Most likely, these students participated in the protest. The Director of the Education Department from Buiucani, Chisinau requested the director of the Lyceum to lock the doors of the Lyceum during the lessons.

(UPDATE 19:24, local time) Dorin Chirtoaca, vice-president of the Liberal Party, made a call to protesters to a peaceful protest. Vlad Filat, president of Liberal Democratic Party, requested the Central Election Commission refrain from publishing the final election results, until all the petitions for reevaluating the election results from opposing parties are examined.

(UPDATE 19:19, local time) New Videos:

The young people break the cognac bottles from Voronin's office and throw documents out the windows

The police and the protesters have thrown stones at each other

(UPDATE 19:19, local time) Opposition leaders - Serafim Urechean, Dorin Chirtoaca and Vlad Filat - have convinced a part of the protestors to leave the Presidency and Parliament and go to the PMAN (Piata Marii Adunari Nationale), the main square in from of Goverment building. Right now, in the PMAN there are 15-20 thousand protesters.

(UPDATE 19:06, local time) While 30 000 young people took over the Parliament and Presidency, the national television was broadcasting a concert.

(UPDATE 19:01, local time) Today, internet has been blocked in Moldova. People from other countries could not visited sites hosted in Moldova. Also, Moldovan internet users did not have access to them. The situation persists right now. UNIMEDIA, one of the most visited news portal from Moldova, usually is accessible at, but the current server is down, so we relocated a part of the website on hosted outside of Moldova.

(UPDATE 18:58, local time) Hundreds of young people protested today in Ungheni and Balti and supported the protest in Chisinau. They declared that the elections were fake. Also, some buses with Moldovan students in Romania wanting to participate in the Chisinau protest were not allowed to enter Moldova.

(UPDATE 18:51, local time) Civil Coalition for free and correct Elections "Coalition 2009" considers parliamentary elections from Moldova on 5 April 2009 as not fully correct and even if we exclude the Transnistrian incidents, then we still can not consider the elections to have been free and correct.

(UPDATE 18:16, local time) New videos.

Manifestants took the Precidency 7

Manifestants took the Precidency 6

Manifestants took the Precidency 5

(UPDATE 18:16, local time) Communist Party has an agreement with opposition.
1. The opposition leaders will try to go to Parliament and convince the participants to stop the vandalism of the building.
2. The Communist Party should assure a transparent checking of the elections.
On other hands, opposing parties do not identify themselves with the actual protest, but the communist party has come to governance by democratic way, they should go by democratic way too.

(UPDATE 18:16, local time) Some hundreds of young people have found an abandoned truck for transporting policemen on one of the center streets. They have devastated the truck and turned it around.

(UPDATE 18:13, local time) The political leaders of the opposition party are trying to calm down the crowd. They said Moldova does not need force and blood. We can achieve our goals of repeating elections by legal and pacifist methods. The participants are very hard to control.

(UPDATE 18:09, local time) Dorin Chirtoaca, mayor of the Chisinau and vice-president of the opposition Liberal Party, is giving a speech in front of the participants right now.

(UPDATE 18:07, local time) Opposition political leaders are now in a meeting with President Vladimir Voronin and Marin Lupu, former Parliamentary President and representative of Communist Party. The opposition request to repeat elections.

(UPDATE 17:46, local time) The participants keep vandalizing the Parliament. They are taking out PCs and paper. In the National Assembly, there are thousands of people. Opinion leaders have speeches trying to come down the spirits.

(UPDATE 17:37, local time) Take a look at some videos:

Manifestants took the Precidency 3

Manifestants took the Precidency 2

Manifestants took the Precidency 1

Slogans of the participants at the protest: "Voronin leave us"

Some fights in front of presidency

(UPDATE 17:34, local time) The police are preparing to take over the Parliament. Right now, it is controlled by the protest participants.

(UPDATE 17:31, local time) The national television is covering the subject showing some people that are against the protests. By this, they are trying to manipulate public opinion, not showing the protesters side.

(UPDATE 17:27, local time) Take a look to a photo-gallery from the event.

(UPDATE 17:16, local time) President Voronin begins his speeach at the national television. He says, he will find the organisators and they will respond this activity.

(UPDATE 17:06, local time) In Moldova, all internet connections are down. Mass-media is blocked. Local television cannot broadcast. At the national TV, it is broadcasting a silly dancing show.

The population in Chisinau doesn't recognize the results of the elections where the communists won. They believe the elections were faked. The young people got out in the street and prepared for a revolution. People started the protests after the parliamentary elections, on 6th of April, and continued today, 7th of April, destroying the exterior of the Presidency and the House of Parliament.